Truecaller name search app download

One such feature is, it can help you find the name of person who called you. We will talk about this feature and how you can use this feature later in the post. But, before that let us tell you what are the restrictions of this feature. Yes, finding Truecaller online search name is possible but this is only limited to users who have premium version of the app.

The free version on the app can help you find the name of the person who called you. But, this is only applicable if the user is already using the Truecaller app and have given consent to the app to access their phone contacts. So, if the user is not using the app, how can you get the basic details like from where the user called, what network he is using.

Truecaller Premium Gold Membership For Free 2020- Find Unknown Number Details

Then, we have one tool here caller mobile number details which can give you all the basic details. Truecaller app is blessing in disguise for this generation and may be for next generation to come. This app has revolutionized the way users search any unknown number details.

This app has multiple feature that you can take advantages and most of its feature are free of cost. This goes without saying, you need to first install Truecaller App on your device. Android users can download the app from here. Where as iOS users can download the app from here.

You can use this feature from desktop as well www. We will first give you overview of how this feature works. If you are aware of this step you can skip this step. Basically, using Truecaller Online Search Name you can find any person name if you have their phone number.

This feature works great if you met someone at party and forgot their name. It will even show you their Facebook profile if they have any.But i want to tell you that there are no any version of truecaller available for pc. In this tutorial I will explaining the step by step process how to install truecaller on pc for both Windows and Mac operating system.

Now let us know about the features of the truecaller and why it more popular in the smart phone mobile apps. As it is available in also most all mobile operating system. Truecaller is the telephone directory which provides the information of the caller identity of the person who is calling you for otally free and it will also help us trace mobile numbers. As the truecaller directory gets updated daily so that it can trace both old and new numbers.

By using the truecaller we can find the details of the unknown number who is calling you and it allows you to block numbers from spam callers and telemarketers. The truecaller is available in the two versions one is paid and the other is free version both versions will be having the same features the free version will be having ads. There will no ads in the paid version that is difference between the paid and free version.

You can also get premium features for free what you need to do is you just need to complete so task in the truecaller. There will be two tasks one is you can complete the offers and the other one is watch a video. By watching video you will getting one day premium features for free and by completing the offers in the truecaller you can get more days premium features for free. Now your number will be unslist for the trucaller directory these are the simple steps how to unlist your number from the trucecaller directory.

In order to install trucaller for pc you need to have Bluestacks Android Emulator on your pc. Download and install Bluestacks Android Emulator on your pc. You can also download it from here click the below link to download and install Bluestacks Android Emulator for your pc. Bluestacks Android Emulator. After installing the Bluestacks Android Emulator on your pc follow the simple steps which I will be explaining below to download and install Truecaller for pc.

If you were unable to download the Truecaller app using Bluestacks Android Emulator you can try the below method to install it on your pc. Note : Make sure that Bluestacks Android Emulator must be installed on your pc to install the downloaded apk file.

If you have any problem regarding the installation please comment your questions in the below comment section we will try to answer it as soon as possible.

truecaller name search app download

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Saturday, April 18, Home SEO. Why is a Plagiarism Checker required?

truecaller name search app download

Is the SEO service in Jaipur was the familiar one? The Benefits of Using a Virtual Printer. The Best Lie Detector Apps. Cloud Infrastructure Services is now the Future of Computing.Truecaller name search, I know this word sound confusing but searching with this word has helped many people find the phone number details with name and mobile number details of unknown number. But that is not what we are going to tell you today, instead we will tell how you can find any person name using their mobile number with truecaller search by name feature.

Generally, people search number of the person from whom they get missed calls and there are many paid and free apps and software that can help you find those details. Yes, Truecaller had earlier launched new feature called as Truecaller name search using which you can find any person mobile number if you know their name. Below we have discussed how Truecaller name search feature works and the list of things required to get feature.

Note: This feature will only work if the person you are searching on the app has given permission to do so. Basically, when you install and use this feature you will be prompt with one question whether you want you name to be publicly available and if you select yes, then any one find your name using their mobile number. Pro means not in the way of using it, but you need to buy certain features to obtain or use them.

With this feature, both parties mutually agree to give out their contact information to who they wish! If you want to use the above feature, you need to install the first in your phone. We have shared an easy step below to download it on your device. You can download it on Android platform is a super easy way.

All you have to do is click on this link you will be directed to Playstore Truecaller location. Once you are on the Appstore you can download and install it on your device. Once install, you can follow the on screen instructions to set up the app.

Next time, when any unknown number calls you will get you will be able to get all details of that number. Downloading it for iOS is also pretty simple to download. Here also all you have to do is click on this link to be directed to Appstore. Now click or tab to download and install on your device. Once install, you can follow the on screen instructions to set up. Next time, when any unknown number calls you will get all the details of that number.

There are regular update by this popular app and we advised you to keep updating your app so that you keep getting all the latest feature.

Download Truecaller For PC (Windows And Mac)

Additionally, if any new features are added we will update it here on this site so that you can download the latest features. Truecaller name and address download: There are many fake information on the internet which tell you that it is actually possible to download name and address of any person. However, this is not true there is no way you can download name and address within the app.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist.

With a trusted spam list from over million users, freely identify and block spam calls, search for unknown numbers, and quickly call with friends, XCaller is the best mobile app you ever need. Download and start saving money today! Caller ID even works offline.

Especially you can also see number tag, such as bank, education, restaurant and so on. Say goodbye to telemarketing, scam, fraud, sales, ads, harassment and more! XCaller scans every unknown caller to protect your security, at last shows the identified and spam numbers counts. You can copy any number you see and cut it to the search box. Make a phone call more smoothly and intelligently.

My love call screen themes make my phone colorful and lovely. Call screen changer makes the caller screen amazing with caller screen color phone theme.

The world's best Caller ID & Spam Blocking app

Your feedback always keeps us improving with more and more cool features. Reviews Review Policy.

View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. Privacy Policy. See more. Showcaller Caller ID Studio. Ayamote Team. Best Caller ID app - Reverse phone lookup, call blocker and know who called me.

Caller ID is a smart phone dialer that identifies unknown calls and block spam.Identify and block spam calls or SMS, search for unknown numbers, call and chat with friends. Truecaller respects your right to privacy. Your phonebook is never made searchable or public. Subscription can be managed and auto-renewal can be turned off by going to the Account Settings on your device. To avoid renewal, you must cancel at least 24 hours before your subscription ends. Your account will be charged for renewal within hours prior to the end of the current period.

This update is optimized for iOS 13 including support for dark mode! Major performance and stability improvements as well You can now find amazing GIFs and send them in your Truecaller Chat messages. I got this app, TrueCaller, and its only works part of the time. Understanding there are constantly new numbers added to the spam list, I expect to update the app database daily.

Not that big of a deal. The problem is, it clearly identifies a spam caller, but still allows some through. I have found it blocks legitimate spam calls as I recently put my resume online and immediately began getting spam calls. I bought the new iPhone X GB, but neglected to turn the blocking options on in settings. Once that was done, no more spam calls The calls I was receiving, promising job opportunities, required me to sign up for more school.

Holding two bachelors and a masters degrees, I politely told the first few I had no interest in school and explained my education level. Truecaller stopped these. However, while clearly marked in red a call is spam and you answer, you will find they let collection agency calls through. There are two main benefits to this app. One, is to allow you to report a spam caller as a spammer to the developer - Gee Thanks can you hear the sarcasm dripping in my voice?

Two, allows you to double check a number that has just phone you, to see if other app holders have previously reported the number as a Spammer.

Someone, please explain to me how this is not a worthless app. This is an update to my prior review, which follows. The problem is, Truecaller does not appear in the Settings. I would have given it zero stars, but Apple does not provide the zero star option.

We had an issue with someone on Craigslist who tried to get personal information from us. We hung up on him. Shortly afterwards we learned that our phone number was listed as a scam on Trucaller, probably as retribution from the Craigslist scammer. We learned about our phone number being listed as a scam from a local pet grooming shop when they saw it was listed on Trucaller.

Truecaller - Caller ID & Block

Trucaller never bothered to check that we had the same phone number sincenor did they check our home address, nor did they contact us before labeling us as scammers. When we finally contacted them, they removed our number from their list. Maybe you should check with them to find out if someone has given them your number out of spite. This is a dangerous violation of privacy for them to convict people in a way for the whole world to see without any proof at all, just some jerk reporting you.

The Nazis and Soviets had the same kind of system where you could rat on a neighbor and they would disappear! Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Description Identify and block spam calls or SMS, search for unknown numbers, call and chat with friends. Apr 6, Version In a world where spam calls, fake calling, phone harassment are all at their peaks, call detector apps like TrueCaller are a boon.

Download Truecaller for PC/Laptop Windows 10/7/8

Most of the time you get calls from various companies like investment companies, share market, bank schemes, etc. There are also various threats like somebody calling and annoying you with the motive to irritate you.

To know who has been calling you and whose calls are dropping on your number, TrueCaller gives you a hand. To know how you can know the details of unknown numbers on TrueCaller, keep reading the article further. TrueCaller is a web application that allows you to see who is calling you and help you to block unwanted calls.

This app is basically a privacy and security helper and was developed by True Software Scandinavia by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam in the year Through this app, you can keep an eye on the call records of your phone, who is calling you, who you are calling and so on.

truecaller name search app download

This app is available in 35 different languages as of September Step Visit the TrueCaller official website. Step Next, you will have to Sign-in. You can sign in through your Facebook, Google, Microsoft or Yahoo!

Step Now enter the number whose caller details you are looking for. TrueCaller will detect your Country code and thus Country. Step Through the available databases, TrueCaller will show you the information about the phone number you gave earlier. Note:- If TrueCaller does not recognize a number then it might be a new number that is not yet stored in the contacts of any of the TrueCaller users. And which is why you might not be able to say any details of it. Although you will yourself when you use this app realize and experience the features of TrueCaller, given below are some highlighted features that define TrueCaller in a true sense.

I have, in this article, also mentioned the features of this incredible app that you could use for your convenience. In case of any kind of doubts, do let us know in the comment box below. We are here to help you.

truecaller name search app download

Contents hide.Techy Keshav. Because in this article I share the best possible way to download and install Truecaller on the windows or mac pc. Truecaller is a market leader app in the name identification of any number and you can search any number on this app.

Here Truecaller take data from our phone and upload it on his server and identify number according to that. This app has more than million downloads on the play store and also identifying more than billion calls on a monthly basis.

Now the problem is this app not available on the windows store so we can not download it from there. Now you can use the Truecaller app on your windows and if you are the mac user then this process is also working for you.

But it is possible that you get an error during the installation so here is an alternative process. If you are facing any problem during the installation of this app from the play store then you can follow the below process. Also Read: How to download podcast addict app on pc? If you have any questions related to this article then let me know in the comment box I will help you. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hey, do you want to download Truecaller on your pc?

Then you are in the right place. Also, this app has more than million users who use this app on a daily basis. But now the question is how we can install the Truecaller app on our computer and use it. How to download the Truecaller app on our pc?

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