Pregnancy test 2 lines but one very light

I figured it would be negative, but tested because I had the urge to. At first, I saw negative because I could not see a positive line, only the control line. After 3 minutes of peeing on the stick, I looked again before throwing it away and I saw a faint pink line. I rubbed my eyes because I thought I was seeing things. But it was there.

I took another one later that day, and the same thing happened. It came back with -NO. I was so sad! But I figured I would test again the next day to check again. I went and bought Clear Blue Digital thank God for seperate checking accounts, because my husband would have killed me for spending soooo much money on tests!! I took it when I got home, and within 2 minutes popped up Pregnant! So it is very likely that the line is indicating pregnancy. Test again tomorrow morning!!

Good luck! If you are not pregnant the hormone is not there full stop. Therefore you will never get a correctly used pregnancy test saying you are pregnant if you are not. However, in early pregnancy the hormone may be very low and the test may struggle to pick it up depending on how sensitive the test is.

Pregnancy Test Still Positive If a Line Is Lighter?

If this is the case the test may not pick the hormone up and say you are not pregnant when you are or it may result in a very faint line.

To complicate things further, the tests are only valid for a certain amount of time. This depends on the test but it'll be something like, wee on the test, wait a minute, disregard the results after 15 minutes. This is because after 15 mins or however long your test states you can get evaporation lines and other strange marks which can make it look like you are pregnant when you are not. Anyway, you need to take another test in the morning when your wee and therefore the hormone is strongest.

Check the results with the light on within the time specified in the instructions. If it changes after that time, it doesn't mean anything. Something very similar to this happened when I got pregnant with my son. Make sure you left it alone for the requested amount of time, I think it's usually 15 min before checking.If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center?

If one line on a pregnancy test was very faint but you could tell there were two lines does this mean you are pregnant?

All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Pregnancy Tests. Wiki User A very faint line usually means you are pregnant, any faint line over the positive means you are, it just may well be that your hormone levels are low due to being too early in the pregnancy therefore the test is only just picking it up giving you a slight positive.

pregnancy test 2 lines but one very light

Some have had a positive test early then found out later they are not pregnant a reason for this is because the levels have dropped to normal which is usually because those ''unfortunate woman have miscarried. Try retesting in another few days or weeks. The test clearly says not to test until the first day your period is due, because you ovulate 2weeks before which is when ''most'' woman become pregnant.

Also that is why they count 40 weeks from your last period, to allow for the 2weeks ovulation. Every woman is different, some have higher HCG levels than others which explains why some are able to get a quicker result before others. Everyone has a different opinion, so when you ask you must openminded to different answers, if you are unsure of your result and you are overdue for your period then I suggest you see a midwife or doctor. Related Questions Asked in Pregnancy Tests You saw a faint spec on pregnancy test could you be pregnant?

Well, it depends if you have two faint lines then yes you are pregnant. HCG levels in your system is not as high. This situation happened to me before in I had to take 6 pregnancy tests to be sure cause they were so faint. I went to the clinic and they did the pregnancy tests and it came out faint, but I was pregnant. If not sure then schedule appointment to see the doctor. Asked in Pregnancy, Pregnancy Tests Your pregnancy test came back very faint are you pregnant?

There are a few reasons for faint lines on an at-home pregnancy test. You could have taken the test too soon, your urine was diluted, you were using a sensitive test, or you experienced a chemical pregnancy. To ensure better clarity my suggestion is to buy a more expensive test that clearly reads "pregnant" or "not pregnant" or you could buy some other form of a digital test.

That will help with any confusion that might occur with pregnancy tests that require you to read lines or dots that may appear faint. If you do have positive result and it is faint, it is quite possible that you are pregnant. Wait a couple of days and try again to see if you get clearer results. Asked in Miscarriages, Pregnancy Tests Can a second faint line mean a miscarriage? Asked in Pregnancy Tests Does a faint positive lines mean early pregnacie? Any line that indicates that you are positive even a faint line means that pregnancy horomones were detected so you are pregnant.

Asked in Pregnancy Symptoms, Pregnancy Tests, Showing During Pregnancy A pregnancy test has two lines one of them are dark pink and the other one is hardly noticeable are you pregnant?

First Response Pregnancy Test Faint Line: Here’s All You Need to Know!

Even if it is very faint in color if it is there it is positive. I had one once and it was the faintest line, you could barely see itand I was pregnant.Posted by Amy Duncan Pregnancy. First Response is a worldwide leader in pregnancy and ovulation testing kits. A large number of women all over the globe rely on their results every day.

Their earliest available test can detect pregnancy up to 6 days before your next period is expected. Wait longer? Pee on it again? Every ounce of your being wants to be excited but should you get excited yet by that very faint line?

pregnancy test 2 lines but one very light

You pee on the test, ideally first thing in the morning because your urine is most concentrated at this time. The test is looking for the presence of hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropinin the urine. The first, darker line indicates that the test is working properly. The second line shows whether you are pregnant or not. It is very very common for women to have pregnancy tests come with different strengths of lines.

In fact, any amount of the second line, even a very faint one, is almost the indication of a positive pregnancy. If you can see a line at all, most likely you are pregnant.

Break out the non-alcoholic champagne and congratulate yourself and your partner on the big news. However, there are two important things you need to know though that may contradict the general rule:. You may have what is called a false positive pregnancy testin which the test has indicated that hCG is showing up in your urine, but this indication is for some other reason than that you are pregnant.

You may be looking at the test after the recommended wait time detailed on the packaging. If the second line showed up much later than the wait time, you might not be pregnant. The second line is just an evaporation line from your urine on the strip.

It is essential that you carefully read and follow these. You can contaminate the tests with other products such as soap or detergent if you wash your hands, the test or the cup which the urine is collected in and leave residue on something. Additionally, the test may be expired and therefore not working properly. Always check the expiration date on your pregnancy test and never use an expired one. However, false positive pregnancy tests are extremely rare.

If you follow these steps, you will have taken every opportunity to ensure you have no false positive pregnancy test. Therefore, you can certainly rely on your home pregnancy tests being a positive sign of your pregnancy.

Does a Faint Line on a Pregnancy Test Mean It’s Positive or Negative?

The second reason that you may have a very faint line is that you are pregnant, but with low hCG, which could result in chemical pregnancy. These kinds of pregnancies happen a lot more often than people would like. If you take your test too early in your cycle, it may, unfortunately, show up a pregnancy which was never meant to be.If you have ever noticed that your Faint Line on The Pregnancy Test is Very Light, you have probably felt confused and scared at the same time. It can be extremely frustrating to wait for the test results in such a scenario.

But what such an indication could mean? Does a Pregnancy Test one Dark Line One very Light Line could mean positive result or could it mean something serious or could it be that your test got invalidated?

Getting an answer to this question could be difficult.

Faint Line on Pregnancy Test Is Very Light and Not Getting Darker: Am I Pregnant?

But we will take a dig into the issue for a better understanding. Now, it could either be a happy news for you or a sad one, but that is the reality. For the faint line to appear darker, your body must have sufficient HCG.

Since the level of HCG is low before you miss your first period after conception, carrying out a pregnancy test at that time could make you see that the Faint Line on The Pregnancy Test is Very Light. And that is why it is advisable that you do the test at least a couple of days after you have missed your first period.

Having a faint line indicates that you have HCG in your body owing to which the faint line got created. But because the level was not sufficient, the line formed was too faint to be recognizable.

You get a thick faint line when the HCG present in the urine is concentrated. If you have taken a lot of water before testing for pregnancy, your urine might get diluted and you might see an extremely light faint line. And that is why it is important to test your pregnancy first thing in the morning before you drink or eat anything.

It is this lack of knowledge that makes many people misread their pregnancy results. Hence, you should always know How to do the Pregnancy Test at Home.

Because of chemical pregnancy. Early miscarriages are also referred to as chemical pregnancies. And such a miscarriage always happens within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Once your miscarriage has taken place, you have no embryo in your womb. But your body might still contain some residual HCG. It is this HCG that gets detected on your pregnancy test kit.

Chemical pregnancies can also be a sign of low progesterone levels in the body. So, if you find out that your progesterone level is low, see a doctor. He might get you on progesterone supplementation for a healthy pregnancy. Also, you might find it hard to believe that a lot of miscarriages happen due to a low progesterone level in the body.

By increasing this level with supplementation, your pregnancy can be saved. Then, you must check out the guidelines on How to get pregnant fast and easy. Now, that you know How to do the Pregnancy Test at Home correctly and also about the considerations that need to be taken into account, there is no reason why you should face any problem in this respect. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pin Share Kaitlin Cooper. Related Posts.She is a stay-at-home mom to four and was a teacher.

It can be frustrating to wait for the results of a pregnancy test, only to have a faint line or lines appear. What does it mean when they're so faint and don't get darker? Are you pregnant or is it a negative? A faint line still indicates a positive pregnancy. According to fertility expert Dr. Aumatma Shah, "A faint result may mean that you took the test too early when there was not enough hCG available in your urine to produce a dark line. Or, it could be that the embryo didn't implant, and hence, there was not enough hCG being produced.

If the embryo does in fact implant and begin to grow, hCG levels will rise and the line should get darker. Testing at any time before your missed period means there won't be enough hCG hormone in your urine for the test to detect. I recommend waiting at least three days after your missed period to test again if you want to be sure, but a faint line still indicates pregnancy because there was enough hGC to produce a line, just not enough to produce a dark line.

Results are more accurate when hCG hormones are concentrated. Drinking water will dilute the urine and may result in a false negative pregnancy. This is why it's important to test your first morning's urine before you eat or drink.

pregnancy test 2 lines but one very light

Early miscarriages, otherwise known as " chemical pregnancies ," occur in the first 12 weeks. Even though you are no longer carrying an embryo, there may still be residual hCG hormone for the test to detect. Therefore, when a women gets a faint positive pregnancy test, she could be at risk for losing her pregnancy. If low, a woman should seek medical help and get progesterone supplementation. A pregnancy with a faint positive can be saved by progesterone supplemental. This means that even with low amounts of hCG hormone, the test can detect a pregnancy.

First Response is currently the most sensitive home pregnancy test on the market, detecting hCG levels as low as 6. Sometimes a faint line may indicate a false positive, meaning you are not pregnant. There are two reasons this faint line may appear: the line is either an evaporation line or you had an early miscarriage.

With early miscarriage, otherwise known as a "chemical pregnancy," residual hCG hormone may still remain in a woman's body, and there may be just enough for it to show up on a home pregnancy test. But unless you experience bleeding, a negative faint line is just an evaporation line.

An evaporation line is a faint, almost colorless line that commonly appears when the urine in the results window of your home pregnancy test fades and dries out.

This is why it is so important to read your results within the designated reaction time frame usually minutes and not after that, otherwise you might assume you're pregnant when you're actually not.

So make to sure read the results in the allotted time framenot after! Most home pregnancy tests will show two lines.

The first is to indicate that the test is indeed working and the second is to indicate pregnancy.Yesterday I tooked pregnancy test it show 2 line one very light and one dark, I don't know if I am pregnancy or not? The pregnancy test I used "Answer one step ovulation test" I am not sure if it's good pregnancy test?

I am trying find that company pregnancy test website see what it mean but I couldn't find it so I wonder if I am pregnancy or not? If you took the Answer one step ovulation test it will not give you results of a pregnancy, it will just tell you if you are about to ovulate You need to take a Pregnancy test not an ovulation test! Good Luck! I'm confused, if you did indeed use an ovulation test then I would have to say you are not pregnant. On an ovulation test there will always be two lines, when one is lighter then the other then it means you are not ovulating.

When the lines are the same color or the test line is darker than the control line it means that you are going to ovulate within the next 24 hours.

What is a False Positive?

An ovulation test is not a pregnancy test, they are two different things. You need to test using an Answer Pregnancy Test.

The first pregnancy test I took had 1 dark line and 1 very light line However 2 days later they were both dark. Are you using the same brand of pregnancy test?? It could be an evaporation line especially if the line appears as time passes like over 10 minutes Read the little pamplet that came with the test and it will say if very faint lines still mean positive It kinda sounds like you're pregnant to me!!!

I'm a little confused, It says that you used "answer one step ovulation test" that's not a pregnancy test, is it? If it is a pregnancy test and it has two lines then you are pregnant, a line is a line. Did you take an ovulation test or a pregnancy test, cuz they are too different tests. If you did take a ovulation test that would explain the lighter line.

Was it an ovulation test, or a pregnancy test? They don't work the same way.Many women repeat home pregnancy tests more than once, and then grow concerned if the result changes from positive to weakly positive. Is it a miscarriage or an error or something else? If you had a dark line before and now you have a faint line there could be several explanations for this other than fear of miscarriage: drinking an excessive amount of water prior to the test or not enough, user error, or interference by something else in the urine.

Let's explore what could be happening. When hCG is detected, the test will return a positive result for pregnancy. When hCG is not detected, the test comes back negative. A positive result is usually indicated by two lines, either side-by-side or in a plus sign. Depending on whether you take the test as instructed, the results may sometimes be uncertain or incorrect. A retrospective review found that inpregnancy tests had a nearly 25 percent rate of false negatives and only one-third of the women reported reading test instructions.

New technology in the early s increased testing reliability to 99 percent sensitivity, with 76 percent of women having reported reading test instructions. While newer tests are more fool-proof, user mistakes can still occur during urine collection for the test as well as interpreting results. A hundred women were asked to test all three methods in a comparison study.

The third test, using the eyedropper, failed to provide a result 24 percent of the time. While the stick test only failed to provide a result 5 percent of the time, and the women and coordinators agreed with results 99 percent of the time, user error is still possible if one does not fully saturate the strip on the stick.

It is generally designed to collect urine under a stream for 7 to 10 seconds. Although hCG levels will increase exponentially during early pregnancy, that doesn't mean that the pregnancy test line will necessarily get darker as each day passes. Things are not always that simple.

Although the line should be darker in relation to higher concentrations of hCG, the actual amount of hCG in a sample of urine can vary. This is due in large part to the concentration of your urine at any given time of the day. Concentrations can fluctuate dramatically throughout the day depending on how much fluid you drink and how frequently you go to the bathroom, among other things.

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