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Potastic is a full-time youtuber and an instagram celebrity. Previously, she used to run a youtube channel name Potastic Panda. Later, it was changed to MxR Plays which is under the name of her boyfriend. Because MxR was catchier and people were more attracted by that name. She has a k subscriber on her youtube channel. She loves making reaction videos and gaming videos and often features her boyfriend in her videos. Out of all the videos, her most famous video is Skyrim Theme Song which has 5.

Basically, Potastic primary source of income is her Instagram account and youtube channel. MxR runs a youtube channel name MxR Mods which has 1. He is a mod reviewer, blogger, and Youtube gamer. He has attended the Boston University in the field of Engineering, but later he dropped out to pursue his career in youtube.

The couple attended PAX East in and met there. They have amazing chemistry and are often seen posting selfies in their Instagram account and featuring each other in youtube videos. She was born in the United States in and she celebrates her birthday on July 4 which makes her 24 years old. Her birth sign is Cancer. She has beautiful straight black and dyed blonde hair.

Her hair bangs perfectly shape her face which makes her face look more beautiful. She attended PAX East with her boyfriend in Soon after, she opened her youtube channel under her name Potastic Panda. Potastic uploaded her first Instagram in November She is also fond of using other social media like Twitter and yooying. She has nearly 5k followers on her twitter account and nearly 40k followers on her yooying account.

Besides this, in her free time, she loves traveling to new places with her man. She seems to be an animal lover because she owns a cat and a dog. Instagram celebrity. Jeannie Lee Youtube.I plan to start using my tablet for language study. It literally has no purpose right now…. I also find myself watching videos that involve idol interviews, interviews with random Japanese people on the street and simply randomly titled Japanese videos.

The thing is, where should I start teaching myself when it comes to Japanese?

pantastic panda

So I decided to try breaking things down to make it more comfortable and less of a frantic mess. As seen in the picture, these things tend to drift from casual things to broader topics like emotions. Doing this gave me a glimpse of what I need to focus on in order to function on a daily basis while using Japanese. It seemed pretty easy to do when I wrote it down, but looking back at it now seems kind of difficult….

Situations that keep me a functional, happy camper. Just like before, I tried to write down a brief list of situations that came to mind at the time.

Overheating sucks, so I would have to know how to communicate that during the summer time. I can easily describe why something visually appeals to me in English, but Japanese is an entirely different ball game when it comes to onomatopoeia. My thought process rotates quite frequently. I can easily have mini-Japanese conversations with myself, but speaking in front of someone else makes me nervous.

Maybe even vulnerable? I remember when I tried speaking with a language exchange partner on Skype. We would shift between English and Japanese, and by the time it was my time to answer in Japanese… I froze… I also remember apologizing for my bad Japanese. I have no faith in myself.

When it comes to listening, I have more faith in myself. I never really spoke during actual class time because I always made mistakes and felt about them.Sad Panda is one of the most beloved brews in NoCo. So it was no surprise when nearly six years after the beer originated, an entire festival was built around Sad Panda.

Pandamonium was an idea that Josh, their Head Brewer, had suggested and approached the owners about. And so the owners — Tim and Carol Cochran — created an exceptionally unique, very successful small-beer fest.

I was greeted by the panda-onesie wearing daughter of the owner, Trina, who scanned my ticket, checked my ID and explained how the festival worked; your ticket included unlimited pours of twelve Sad Panda variations with two exceptions and oh-so much more.

The first pour we were invited to drink was a palette cleanser of the OG Sad Panda presented in your branded souvenir glass for the day. This was the first thing that struck me as unique.

Local eatery Snack Attack catered the food, including a veggie option, accompanied by reusable plates, napkins, and water cups. I can only imagine the amount of waste most festivals create. But not Pandamonium. I was truly taken aback by the effort put into minimizing waste. The small space of the brewery was full of about happy, stout-loving attendees.

Pantastic Pandas

But even though it was busy, it never felt crowded. Lines to each beer station were never too long unless you count the line for the bathroom and there was plenty of seating inside and out. Beer was being poured throughout the brewhouse and taproom from taps, firkins, straight from the barrel and from jockey boxes. The brewer, the sales rep, and everyone in their work-family helped come up with the Sad Panda varieties:.

Chocolate Hazelnut Panda Subtle nutty-nose, dry finish, not as sweet as original. Hot Chocolate Panda Made with cayenne and dark chocolate.

I would have loved more of a heat kick. It was more of a mid-tongue spice that lingered slightly with lots of dark chocolate on the nose. Chai Panda Made with cardamom and cinnamon. Definitely spicy and very dry. It was a bit strange because I so often associate chai with a latte, i. This was my second favorite variety.

Double Espresso Panda Much heavier coffee flavor with a subtle sweetness, and was very dry. Sassy Panda Their root beer coffee stout with lots of sassafras on the nose, but slightly watered down to their original coffee stout. Passionate Panda Made with passion fruit. Chocolate on the nose, the sweetest version I tried, but it was by no means too sweet and mellowed out beautifully. It was more carbonated than the others, which I loved.

THIS was my favorite.The other day, I saw a fly landing on my table while I was having lunch with my colleagues. It was a beautiful fly with metallic blue abdomen and a spectacular emerald glaze to it. I was watching it attentively like a biologist examining a new bacterium in her microscope, forgetting the fact that the poor little thing is already dead.

It is blue! Before I have time to acknowledge and do anything about it, someone else had grabbed a tissue, wrapped up the fly and tossed it in the trash. It is a little embarrassing to be the last one in the room or even on earth to know about the existence of the bluebottle fly. Its existence alone is a wonder. Wonders just need protection and appreciation.

Explanation : I was running late for work. The traffic light was red and counting down from When the 99 seconds of waiting was finally over, I started my engine and advanced about 1 meter just to look up again and discover that the light had turned red again.

Explanation : That morning I walked into a bakery and bought a regular steamed bun with roasted pork filling. Then I spotted another little green bun which is too cute to pass. Then I asked the shopkeeper what it was. So why not give your thumbs up for such a summer blockbuster, which integrates spectacular special effects, immaculate acting and humane message? Another thing is it has a neutral perspective which I can possibly embrace. Thank Simple Plan and other performers for a superb music fest.

Thank daddy for believing in my promise that I will be back safe and sound. Thank sis for accompanying me the whole journey and leading me through a sea of people. Thank all the audiences for the frenetic atmosphere. Thank the organizers for letting us enjoy great music while raising our awareness of human trafficking. Skip to content The other day, I saw a fly landing on my table while I was having lunch with my colleagues.

Indeed I have come up with a whole bunch of such philosophy last night when I could barely sleep but I was almost brainwashed when I woke up this morning. All I can remember is that I should write a little note about what it means to be a true partner. Colin Firth, my first Hollywood crush which is still going strong up to now starred in this movie.

I am conscious that Mark Darcy is just fictional and there may be no such a man in real life but I find it interesting to point out some characteristics of a good partner. He is not necessarily destined to be your husband but at least, love someone like him and you will never regret it. If platonic love is something far-fetched nowadays, then one of the few things we should hold on to is respect.

No respect? Obviously, he is just playing with your heart and no matter how much honey he pours into your ears, all that will be left is a deeply wounded heart. How are you? No more questions into present personal life, no sign of bitterness and hatred often found in long separated couples. And do I have to go back to previous installments to mention how Mark respects Bridget despite the fact that she is a clumsy woman who always unintentionally brings shame to the person she accompanies.

pantastic panda

He was lost for words for a minute then excused himself for another while just to come back and say how much grateful and honored he is to hear the news. Awwww, how sweet!!!!

Throughout the time Bridget is in labor, Mark is there, despite of course an emulator :.The story starts out with these two preparing for the school Choir Festival.

pantastic panda

Who should he run into practicing the song in the classroom? This is where we find out that Kasukabe is part of a band and offers to help Sajou learn the song for the Choir Festival.

Although Kusakabe claims this would be their last meeting, things get interesting when asks Sajou a question, Sajou drops his beverage out of shock, they both reach down to pick it up and Kusakabe swoops in for that kiss like a smooth criminal — but runs away like an actual criminal. I wonder if he will ever get Sajou to hit a high note when they — I should not jump to conclusion this early. My mind is a blessing and a curse…. The day of the Choir Festival, Kusakabe has an emotional moment after hearing Sajou singing again and eventually disrupts the musical by running off the stage like an adorable dork…and Sajou runs after him?!

I literally spent a few minutes giggling like a maniac after seeing their precious reactions. Precious, precious babies. I think the adorableness will be the death of me, but I will continue to read and write as I go. Second chapter, ha-yaah! So the flustered Sajou storms away leaving Kusakabe underneath the umbrella alone.

Harasen has the older-smug-bastard personality showing when he asks Kusakabe to tell Sajou to come see him in the Guidance Counseling room after school. Harasen are you scheming??! One-track minded and reacts without thinking.

Well then, I believe this is a good place to end the first part of this review. I look forward to finishing the rest of Doukyuusei and reporting back here and to my friend about how I felt about reading this. Sajou and Kusakabe are literally too precious… Their cuteness is worth reading about. Hello guys, and welcome to Pantastic Panda! This is basically a pinned introduction to tell you what this blog will be about.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.We are a travel company focused on pandas and in-depth travel.

Exploring the beauty of panda country and beyond. We aim to create fantastic travel experiences to see the real China. We do all the possible need to meet your demands, and only work with the best vendors. The goal is your big smile, and we always achieve that goal. They are the experts who make your trips Pantastic. Something they have in common, responsible, full of passion, knowledgeable ,and they must love Panda. It means more flexible and our guides can spend more time with each travelers.

People often become travel buddies and join our trip again. I tend to save my reviews for only the exceptional aspects of my travel, and My Pand tour went above and beyond exceptional. We did the Foodie's Tour of Leshan Giant Buddha, and it was the highlight of our trip to Chengdu - not just the Buddha, but the tour itself. Don't get me wrong, the Buddha is amazing, and incredibly impressive - but our day with our guide, Alvin, was really the highlight. He was incredibly smart and informative, and we learned so much about the history of the area, its food, and the rest of Sichuan - things that not only made our trip to the Buddha enjoyable, but really contextualized the rest of our trip to Chengdu.

Not to mention, the food was exceptional - from the best congee I've ever had, to the sliced beef soup, to the excellent Tibetan restaurant Alvin guided us to back in Chengdu. We even managed to pick up some excellent Baijiu and fresh Sichuan peppercorns both green and red at the farmer's market in the morning.

I know we could have got to Leshan by train and done the Buddha ourselves, but am so glad I went with My Panda Tour instead.

I booked my tour at short notice travelling solo on a stopover and Alvin was able to suggest itineraries and accommodate my requests to visit as many pandas as possible. Unfortunately the panda volunteer programme at Dujiangyan was unavailable but I'm glad that Alvin managed to secure a place at Wolong for me which wasn't as crowdedHe was good enough to take photos for me throughout and share these with me. Alvin was a pleasure to be with, he is truly passionate about his 'work' and is very knowledgeable about the pandas and the reserves.

Being a panda fanatic myself I really found the tour above my expectations and enjoyed the visits to WolongDujiangyan, and the Leshan Buddha. Alvin was enthusiastic about sharing local cultureSichuan dishes and tried in vain to teach me some Chinese language sorry I'm word blind hence my hopeless spelling of DJY etc.

He checked I was safely returned to my hotel at the end of the day. A pleasure to be withanticipating all my needs. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Alvin and his tour company for a safe and memorable experience. What made this trip so special was Alvin. You could not hope to meet a warmer welcoming more knowledgeable guide. After reading the amazing reviews from other travellers,I contacted Alvin to help me plan a day in Chengdu for my boyfriends birthday.

He asked about likes,interests, anything to avoid and we settled on a perfect itinary - Dujiangyan panda base, a Thai massage and dinner. Alvin is a font of knowledge on all things panda and knows each of the pandas names. Next he took us for lunch at a non spicy restaurant so we could sample the range of food available in the region. After travelling round China we were both stiff and the Thai massage was relaxing and firm in equal measure.

We were both ready for a snooze but we were whisked away for dinner. The restaurant was as good as any michelin star restaurant in Europe. Alvin provided an introduction to each course of which there were 18 which allowed us to fully appreciate the food being presented. We were also very lucky to meet the chef and he explained how he made the extremely fine noodles and serving plates.Hey guys!

How are things going for you? Cold weather is nice to look at, but being in it is a different story. Gotta keep all this motivation documented! I did the bare minimum and — even if I ended up getting higher than a C — I was completely content with that.

P.A.N.D.A. - Popcorn 2012 mix (HD) (my own Animusic)

Just, how?!? So when I see people freaking out about getting less than an A on a paper, it legitimately baffles me. It stopped being fun. I remember that it started to be a hassle for me at some point. Thankfully, I was able to rediscover my language learning motivation when it came to manga school. Once my motivation was gathered, I started to get a little more series about my language learning.

I still hope to add onto this collection, but this is what I have to keep my motivation going. Genki was the textbook series that we used from Japanese — Hopefully I can take it during the Spring next year. I miss my Intermediate professor.

He really helped me out a lot, and I would love to be in another class with him. Two weeks each I should say. I like how it comes with unit tests at the end of each section, and a final exam of sorts at the very end of the book. I have yet to actually go through the entire book, but I will try my best to.

I recently bought Essential Japanese Grammar from the local Books-a-Million, and the grammar section is really helpful!

Potastic Panda

Compared to the Genki series, this book goes into more detail about the grammar used in everyday Japanese. The first part gives a brief explanation while the section part covers the details and provides a series of examples. The examples also gives various situations on how these grammar points can be used, so I might go into more detail about this book once my books come in. Essential Japanese Grammar is cheaper on Amazon than it was at BAM, so if you want to save a few bucks please check it out.

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